Cleaning your toys!

At Jetsudz, we are dedicated to helping you solve your cleaning problems with a strategic approach. We understand that you want the best for your vessel, home, and office, and we offer services that work for you. From cleaning, to moving your boat or RV to its next location.

We pay attention to the little things that matter and strive to deliver a product and service worthy of 5 stars. We believe that taking care of what you own goes beyond just cleaning, and can help get you ready to be on the road or water.

Let our team and tools assist you as we inspire you with our cleaning services. Welcome to Jetsudz Cleaning Inc.

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  142. Professional office cleaning
  143. Corporate building maintenance
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  152. Executive jet detailing
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  155. High-end property cleaning
  156. Premium office maintenance
  157. Executive suite cleaning
  158. Private jet maintenance
  159. Luxury hotel care services
  160. Superyacht cleaning and care
  161. Mansion maintenance services
  162. Elite villa cleaning
  163. Residential estate care
  164. Commercial property cleaning
  165. Corporate building detailing
  166. Retail store maintenance
  167. Exclusive restaurant care
  168. Aircraft exterior detailing
  169. Luxury auto detailing services
  170. High-end boat care
  171. Premium aircraft maintenance
  172. Personal jet detailing
  173. Exclusive yacht detailing
  174. Executive jet care services
  175. Private residence maintenance
  176. Luxury home detailing and care
  177. High-end property maintenance
  178. Premium office detailing
  179. Executive suite care services
  180. Private jet cleaning and care
  181. Luxury hotel cleaning and care
  182. Superyacht maintenance services
  183. Mansion detailing and care
  184. Elite villa maintenance
  185. Residential estate detailing
  186. Commercial property care services
  187. Corporate building cleaning
  188. Retail store detailing
  189. Exclusive restaurant maintenance
  190. Aircraft cleaning and detailing
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  194. Personal jet maintenance
  195. Exclusive yacht care services
  196. Executive jet detailing
  197. Private residence cleaning
  198. Luxury home organizing
  199. High-end property cleaning
  200. Premium office maintenance
  201. Executive suite cleaning
  202. Private jet maintenance
  203. Luxury hotel care services
  204. Superyacht cleaning and care
  205. Mansion maintenance services
  206. Elite villa cleaning
  207. Residential estate care
  208. Commercial property cleaning
  209. Corporate building detailing
  210. Retail store maintenance
  211. Exclusive restaurant care
  212. Aircraft exterior detailing
  213. Luxury auto detailing services
  214. High-end boat care
  215. Premium aircraft maintenance
  216. Personal jet detailing
  217. Exclusive yacht detailing
  218. Executive jet care services
  219. Private residence maintenance
  220. Luxury home detailing and care
  221. High-end property maintenance
  222. Premium office detailing
  223. Executive suite care services
  224. Private jet cleaning and care
  225. Luxury hotel cleaning and care
  226. Superyacht maintenance services
  227. Mansion detailing and care
  228. Elite villa maintenance
  229. Residential estate detailing
  230. Commercial property care services
  231. Corporate building cleaning
  232. Retail store detailing
  233. Exclusive restaurant maintenance
  234. Aircraft cleaning and detailing
  235. Luxury auto care services
  236. High-end boat detailing
  237. Premium aircraft cleaning

Boat RV Delivery

Routine Maintenance

Security checks

Systems checks and monitoring

Fluid level checks and maintenance

Battery bank maintenance

Haul outs and annual below the waterline maintenance

Pre season commissioning

Concierge Services

Interior and exterior detailing

Interior and exterior valeting

interior and Exterior Houseclean

Ceramic Coating and Seal

Weekly Washdowns


Trip planning VIP Host

Local and worldwide vessel repositioning

Boat Delivery and drop off

Tech Maitenance packages

Boat Delivery and Docking

Get to know our founder for all our cleaning ​secrets

Since he was 16, Jason has had a passion for detailing and cleaning high-​end vehicles, RVs, and boats. He learned many tricks and special tips for ​looking for things that people don't often see, and this passion has stayed ​with him throughout his life. Although it hasn't always been his primary ​business offering, Jason's passion for detailing has continued to show up ​year after year.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Jason lost his job at a major ​telecommunications company, which forced his family to scramble and ​find a new direction. Thanks to his experience as a teenager, Jason ​decided to focus on detailing and started Jetsudz Cleaning, a professional ​cleaning and yacht concierge company. His oldest son played a big role in ​helping the company grow and expand, and they have taken inspiration ​from their favorite TV show, "Below Deck," when it comes to cleaning and ​disinfecting vessels.

At Jetsudz Cleaning, their focus is on yacht cleaning services, but they ​also offer other services. They believe in meeting with clients in person to ​discuss cleaning options, and strive to provide an exceptional experience ​for their guests

Fleet and Dealer Pricing Available

Weekly, Bi-Weekly-

Washdown Seasonal Rates by the Ft. (or) HR/Flat Rat​e

Clean your vessel from week to week ready for the water. I️ncludes Ceramic Wash and soap, Wipe Down, Cleaning and Windows and Chrome

Interior Cleaning by the Ft. (or) Hr/Flat Rate​

Steam Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, Deordorize​ all rooms and bathrooms, clean galley and kitchen​ appliances​, Steam clean all walls and surfaces

We provide service in all Marinas in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay, Lions Bay,

Deep Cove, Port Moody, Richmond, Delta, Ladner and Crecsent Beach, Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Osoyoos, Christina Lake

Polishing and Ceramic Wax with Step Detail and Polish

25′ – 34′ from $1500 + % Materials*

35′- 44′ from $ 2,500 + % Materials*

45′- 49′ from $ 3,500 + % Materials*

50’+ Please contact us for onsite visit

Cleaning Technology

"At Jetsudz Cleaning, we prioritize the safety and ​health of our clients by using the best ​environmental technology and AI tools.

We strive to use biodegradable products and safe ​environmental services as much as possible, and ​continuously look for ways to innovate and stay ​ahead of the industry.

T​o keep abreast of the latest developments in safe c​leaning services, we attend trade events and other i​ndustry specific events for​ ​knowledge updates.

By staying informed ​and using the latest technology, we aim to provide ​our clients with the best cleaning e​x​p​erience possible."

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Expert Support

"We work with the biggest brands, like Sunseeker, Azimut, Riva, and Princess Yachts. So, Our cleaning team uses natural products for environmental safety and maximum cleaning power. While protecting the vessel. Our eco-friendly products help protect the planet.

When choosing our company, we research and challenge the status quo by looking for eco-friendly cleaning products, or we formulate our own.

To ensure that the products we use are safe, natural, and effective, we consider the following criteria: the product formula, certifications, cleaning ability, and buyer reviews. We ensure that the product formula is safe and natural, and does not contain toxic ingredients that could harm our customers' personal items.

We also make sure that all products are EPA Safer Choice-Certified, which means that they contain ingredients that are safe for humans and the environment.

In addition, we look for products that have strong cleaning and disinfecting abilities. Finally, we consider buyer reviews and test a number of the products ourselves to ensure that they do not have corrosive or poisonous properties that could harm the environment."

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Local Chilliwack Detail offer only

Jetsudz Vehicle Detail

Pre wash by coating your vehicle in thick foam pulling Hand wash using the two buckets and mits. Cleanwheels/wheel wells

Vacuum wipe down the dash, console, cup holders and steering wheel area

Clean glass/mirrors

Final Hand Wax for protection

Small (small cars)- Starting at $150 Medium (Small/med size SUVs)- Starting at $175

Large (Vans/trucks/lrg SUVs)- Starting at $200

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5580 Vedder r​d Chilliwack, B​C




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